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Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program


Step one: Apply for admission to the University of Cambridge

Apply for admission to the University of Cambridge via the course directory by the funding deadline. The University of Cambridge has created a very helpful video about applying for postgraduate admission and funding.



The University of Cambridge's online directory gives details about each course, its requirements, application deadlines, funding deadlines and the supporting documentation you need to provide. We recommend you go through this in detail.

Once you have identified the course you are interested in, you are required to put together the required paperwork and submit your application for admission and funding (Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program and other funding if applicable) via the University’s Graduate Application Portal

Step Two: The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program  Statement. 

As part of the application process in the University's graduate application portal, students are asked to select funding bodies they are interested in applying to. A range of options are presented to the applicant. Once you select the Mastercard foundation scholars programme, you would be required to submit a mandatory  personal  statement.  This is the only part of the application process where applicants are specifically asked about their fit for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program.  You should endeavour to demonstrate how you specifically meet the Program’s criteria. You will  be expected to write about your desire and commitment towards  climate-resilient and sustainable futures for Africa and the world,  and how your chosen course of study at Cambridge contributes towards that goal.

Step three: Choose a College 

 The University is composed of 31 colleges, each offering varied opportunities. It is important that you take time to consider the college you wish to live in. You may want a college near to your department, or any other specific requirement.  Please read up about the college system to enable you make an informed  choice:

 Please be sure to visit  college websites to enable you to make an informed decision.

Step Four: Fee waiver

Master’s applications require a  £50 application fee. However, the fee will be automatically waived for applicants of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars programme. Please note you must submit the scholarship statement to benefit from the automatic waiver. Students who do not get an automatic waiver and are certain they meet all conditions of the Scholars programme are invited to contact the team by submitting a request : Submit Request

Kindly note that data relating to your application/place on the Program will be retained and anonymised for use in the evaluation of the Program’s outcomes and effectiveness